Thursday, January 20, 2005


This site is a companion to another web log, This North Coast Place, concerning the North Coast of California. It consists of longer texts, photos and links to supplement discussions on This North Coast Place.

Anyone can leave comments and join the dialogue. Simply click on "comments" at the bottom of each post, and select to post a comment. You can register but it's not required. Click on the "Anonymous" line and a comment screen should come up. Enter your comment and add at the bottom of it any identifying information you wish, like your name and town.

The first group of posts relate to Native North Coast cultures, particularly the recent and still active efforts of the Wiyot to have their ancestral sacred land of Indian Island returned to them. Two stories and a set of photographs relate the historical background, the fundraising efforts that enabled the Wiyot to buy a small portion of their ceremonial site, and then in 2004, the return of 40 acres to the Wiyot by the City of Eureka. To learn how to contribute to the ongoing Wiyot effort, go to the Wiyot tribal site here.

This cluster of posts ends with some personal reflections on the journey of a non-Native to learning more about Native cultures and their vital importance. I hope you enjoy the site, and join in the discussion.

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